Women’s health

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers a natural approach to women’s health, with individualised treatments that address not only the symptoms, but the underlying cause of a disorder.

Acupuncture and TCM may assist in the management of the pain and other symptoms such as stress and fatigue, associated with common gynecological issues, including dysmenorrhoea, heavy bleeds, endometriosis, PCOS and menopause.

Tanya offers longer intensive treatments (3 hours) incorporating yoni steaming, acupuncture, Touch for Health and Mayan abdominal massage, for a deep dive into everything that may be blocking flow in the pelvis and abdomen. Cold, scar tissue, emotional trauma, along with any other imbalances presenting in the body, are all considered as part of this nurturing, restorative session.

Treatments offered

Therapies for physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. With over a decade of experience, Tanya offers nurturing, intensive treatments that work to relieve pain and tightness, calm the mind, and act as a catalyst for self-healing.

Session info & Pricing
  • Acupuncture
  • Qi Gong meridian therapy (non insertion needling)
  • Electroacupuncture
  • Cupping techniques including deficiency cupping and myofascial cupping massage
  • Dry needling used if suitable to the client and their condition.
  • Massage
  • Mayan Abdominal massage
  • Perineal Steaming
  • Moxibustion (heat therapy using the herb mugwort)
  • Chinese herbs
  • Sound therapy with tuning forks
  • doTERRA essential oils

Every woman who heals herself, helps heal all the women who came before her and all those who come after her

Dr Christine Northrup

Mayan Abdominal Massage

Wonderful for fertility and women’s health, Tanya’s three hour sessions allow us to really go deep into all things that are blocking flow in your body, in particular, the pelvis and abdomen.

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About this holistic treatment:

  • Combining Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities (acupuncture and moxibustion) with perineal steaming, Touch for Health, and Mayan Abdominal massage techniques.
  • These sessions gently invite the body to allow deeper work that aims to significantly shift and move all that hinders us from returning to balance.
  • Physical and emotional trauma, scar tissue and adhesions, uterine placement, cold in the body, are all considered as part of this nurturing, intensive package.

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