60 minute consult – $80

60 minute consult senior/concession/student – $70

90 minute consult – $115

90 minute consult senior/concession/student – $105

3 Hour longer treatment session– $150

Mayan Abdominal Deep Dive (3hrs) $220/$210 concession

Further info

Private Health Funds:  HICAPS is available within clinic for easy claims with all Private Health Funds who cover Acupuncture as part of their extras cover.

Initial treatment:  In the first session a thorough health assessment will be taken, with information collected pertaining to both Western and Chinese Medicine frameworks, and including both tongue and pulse analysis.  It is asked that new clients arrive 5-10 minutes early so as to fill in a ‘Patient Details and Consent’ form prior to the commencement of the initial interview.  Following this health assessment, a working diagnosis and an initial treatment plan will be formulated and delivered in a nurturing and soothing environment.

Follow up:  With each follow up a review will be taken of your response to treatment and the treatment plan will be adjusted, as needed.  This follow up interview is a necessary part of each session as your signs and symptoms may change, requiring shifting focus of treatment, however it will not be as lengthy as the initial consultation.  The revised treatment plan will then be delivered.

Number of treatments required: The number of Acupuncture treatments required is dependent upon the complexity of the condition as well as how well the person responds to treatment.  Some people and conditions will respond very quickly, whereas others will see a more gradual improvement.  Treatments are generally recommended to start at once per week (twice for more acute conditions dependent upon patient circumstances) and then become more spaced out as the body returns to balance.  As a rule of thumb, the longer the period of time the problem has existed for, the longer it will take for a satisfactory result to be achieved.

Some people may have a resolution to their issues and never need to return, while others might need to continue to maintain the balance in their body by returning for treatment once every month/two months/three months… for a ‘tune up’.  This is very much dependent upon the cause of the problem and whether this has been able to be fully resolved, for example lifestyle factors or chronic disease may only allow management rather than resolution of a person’s condition.


For starters, the needles used for Acupuncture treatments at Blissful Being Acutherapies Tweed Heads, are nothing like those you get at the doctor – they are super-fine and usually painless when inserted.  If you feel anything it would most likely feel something like a mosquito bite.  However, if at any time during the treatment you wish to have the needles removed this will be done quickly and without fuss – you are always in charge of your treatment and you will never be left alone without having a bell to ring for immediate assistance.  If you would like treatment without needles, then alternatively acupressure along with the use of special magnets on acupoints, can be used as a good substitute.  All other therapies offered – cupping, massage, Reiki/Medical Qi Gong, Moxibustion, Chinese Herbs – will of course still be used in conjunction with these alternatives, as is required.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine is an entire medicine within itself, and can therefore be used to treat any condition. Results vary depending on the person and issue being addressed. Some conditions that acupuncture has been shown to be of assistance with include back and knee pain, fatigue and stress.

Acupuncture very rarely hurts as the needles are so fine, however on the occasion when pain is felt, it is usually akin to that of a mosquito bite – nothing to be worried about.  In fact, many people find Acupuncture a very relaxing and moving therapy that makes them feel good on many levels.

Looking for an Acupuncturist that truly cares about your health and wellbeing?

With almost a decade of experience, Tanya Kane offers nurturing, intensive treatments to relieve pain and tightness, calm the mind, and return the body to balance.

Guided by intuition and informed by extensive study in the ancient arts, Tanya is a licensed Acupuncturist with more than a decade of experience. With a Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture), Tanya is registered with the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association and the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia.

Tanya has undertaken extensive study in the fields of pregnancy and fertility, and has incorporated many fields of knowledge into her practice, including Mayan Abdominal massage and Spinning Babies’ protocols. Tanya co-presents a quarterly workshop – Tools for Natural Birthing – alongside prenatal yoga and hypnobirthing instructor Esther McVicar (Free 2 Be Yoga).

Find Tanya at her home clinic in Banora Point, only 5 minutes off the M1 and just south of Tweed Heads.

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